To open each link below, hold your "CONTROL" button down while placing your cursor over the name on the left side and click on each individual link for info and photos of each recalled hand sanitizer.

bio aaa                                Possible presence of methanol  

Leafree                               Product labeled as edible alcohol


Always Be Clean, Just           Products labeled to contain methanol

Harmonic Nature                  Product contains 1-propanol

Zanilast+                             Product contains 1-propanol

V-Klean, Medical Minded, Protz   Potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol) & sub-potent

Nuuxsan, Modesa, more          Undeclared Methanol

Yacana                                 Potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol) & sub-potent                                                   ethanol  Yacana Hand Sanitizer 70% alcohol


SkinGuard24                        Contains Methanol   All day hand sanitizer


Command Brands                 Methanol Contamination


Jaloma                                Undeclared Methanol


FLORANCE MORRIS             Potential Methanol Contamination   antiseptic hand sanitizer,                                                70% Alcohol


Bersih                                 hand sanitizer gel  potential methanol contamination

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