H4H makes a serious pledge to all who are diabetic

that we will give special attention to you in 2018

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  • Take the time to cook. You’re not saving time by sitting in the drive-thru anyway.

  • Look online for budget-friendly, easy-to-make recipes. Many are so good you’ll want to eat right out of the pan.

  • Write down or take photos of all your meals and snacks. This one trick makes you much more aware of everything you eat and helps you stay in control.

  • You can’t go wrong with veggies. Take a free online cooking class to learn the secrets of making them taste delicious.

  • Skip “diabetic” foods. They often cost more than “regular” food, and they don’t taste very good anyway.

  • Make the same food for you and your family. Healthy eating for everyone!

  • Try Meatless Monday (or any day of the week). Beans and lentils are cheap, tasty, and really good for you.

  • Make family favorites with a twist: substitute veggies for some of the rice or pasta, or blend veggies until smooth and add to sauces.

Eat Well

Eating healthly

Eating out

Grocery shopping

Checking labels on packaged foods

Getting help from family and friends

Source:  CDC

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