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Dr. Antoine Chevalier, functional medicine practitioner at the White House for 19 years announced Uforia’s DNA Nutrition is “the answer to his prayers” and will be using the White House logo on his Professional Product line, which allows Health Practitioners to White label their own DNA customized nutritional supplement.
  • PhD’s (2), HP, LMT, MPP, international lecturer, author, researcher, teacher, practitioner in U.S., Japan, Europe

  • Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for work on brain health, concussions, Alzheimer’s.

  • Nakano Neurosurgery clinic work submitted for Nobel Prize in Medicine.

  • Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury paper endorsed by NIH

  • Multiple publications in peer reviews scientific journal of medicines


  • Treating NFL players, MMA fighters, athletes for Post-Concussion Pain with significant results proven with scientific documentation.

  • Treatment of Veterans with PTSD utilizing his new modality: “Neurological Integrative Therapy” with “Neurological Stimulation Therapy” using Dolphin Neurostim Devices; a form of cognitive therapy combined with advanced form of Chi Gong healing modality.


  • Endorsed by peers around the world, including top Japanese neurosurgeon, Aya Nakano, MD, PhD, owner of Nakano Clinic of Neurosurgery, who successfully performed 5000+ brain surgeries and is co-sponsoring with Dr Chevalier upcoming clinical trials.

  • Nominated as Global Change Maker of the year by the Grandson of Gandhi.

  • Endorsement from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso.


Both he and his wife are taking Uforia’s DNA Nutrition. 


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