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RECALL:  Hostess Brands, LLC has become aware that the "Contains" statement on Hostess® Cookies 'n Crème Brownies does not list "egg" as an allergen. Although the ingredient list on the packaging identifies "egg" as an ingredient, the "Contains" statement, which is designed to further alert consumers of allergens in the products, does not include "egg". As a result and out of an abundance of caution, Hostess Brands is voluntarily recalling the following Cookies 'n Crème Brownies:


Product                                                            Item                              UPC Batch

Cookies 'n Crème Brownies MP FSH      20888109113579      F052123000, F061123000, F071623000, F072323000

Cookies 'n Crème Brownies MP FZN      30888109213573      F052123000, 

Cookies 'n Crème Brownies SS FSH      20888109012025      F052123000, F061123000, F071623000, F072323000

Cookies 'n Crème Brownies SS FZN      30888109022021      F052123000, F071623000

ACTION:  Only those consumers who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to egg are potentially at risk of an allergic reaction if they consume these products. Anyone who has purchased an affected product and who has a sensitivity or allergy to eggs is encouraged to discard the affected product or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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Source:  FDA

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