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STATES:    Kansas, Texas
                  Cargill voluntary recall date:  2/4/20
RECALL:     382 50 lb bags Cargill Inc NutreBeef Transition Pellet may contain elevated levels of Monensin which may be toxic to cattle causing colic-like symptoms, low potassium, breakdown of muscle in urine, chronic cardiovascular issues and possible death.  Lot Code 529316973 on bottom left corner; Produce Code 80652 bottom right corner of feed label; UPC Code 722304442668; shelf life 90 days; made 11/12/19.  Eight animal deaths linked to this lot of feed.
ACTION:  Return remaining product to local dealer or retailer for replacement or full refund.
CONTACT:  Customer Service 1-800-542-0019, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm EDT.  Email:  McPherson

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