STATES:  Costco, Williams-Sonoma nationwide and online at from April 2017 through July 2018 for between $24 and $500 for the blender and blending container. About 105,000 (In addition, about 5,300 were sold in Canada)  

RECALL: Ascent™ and Venturist™ Series 8-ounce and 20-ounce blending containers

The containers can separate from the blade’s base exposing the blades, posing a laceration hazard to consumers

blade date codes March 2018 (“03-18”) or earlier. Date codes are in the format MM-YY; for example, March 2018 is “03-18.” If the blade base is marked on the bottom with a green or orange dot, the container has already been repaired. The Vitamix logo is printed on the blending container. The blade date code is laser-etched onto the top of the blade in the blade base. The products have a clear container and a black blade base and were sold separately and with Vitamix Venturist™ Model 1200 blenders.

Vitamix has received 11 reports of lacerations when consumers’ hands came in contact with exposed blades.

ACTION:  Immediately stop using And contact Vitamix for a free repair kit. Vitamix is sending repair kits to consumers it can identify

CONTACT: Vitamix toll-free at 888-847-8842 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or online at and click on Customer Service and Voluntary Recalls or for more information. 


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