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4 Healthy Activities for Seniors

Seniors should not be taken away from the scenes as they still have a lot of strength and tenacity to indulge in the things as they used to when they were younger. You can provide a wide array of activities, depending on their personal preferences and capacity. You may be surprised on how the elderly can boost endurance and strength with just a few routines.

Finding a Hobby

There are a variety of hobbies and crafts that seniors can indulge in to improve their physical and mental capacities. A good example is drawing, sketching or painting where they can freely express themselves in art and color. Ask the senior what type of platform he or she is most interested in working on, then provide the materials such as a charcoal or pencil and paper, a canvas and paint or some markers. You may teach them how to make cartoons too, which can be very entertaining and fun.

Another hobby that can exercise the mind includes the creation of model cars and airplanes. This is one hobby that the senior citizens of today used to enjoy when they were younger. There are a variety of models to work on, such as vintage cars, tanks, vintage planes and even ships and bicycles.

For the Women

Female senior citizens enjoy sewing and working on cross stitch patterns. You can provide the right materials like embroidery kits, t-shirts, dresses, caps, socks, etc. and let them start getting creative. Some even enjoy fixing loose buttons, holes and putting patches, so feel free to ask and let them start on their way to occupational therapy.

Music Matters

Other senior citizens are highly adept and never lose their touch on music. Try to ask their specific instrument of interest or type of music, then provide them the right tools like a pen and paper, music book, speakers, amplifiers and the particular tool like a guitar, violin, flute, trombone or drums maybe. One of the best things about music is that you can always do it with a group or partner. Feel free to bring your own musical instrument and begin making beautiful melodies together.

Form a band of senior musicians and introduce some fun genres like modern, jazz, hip hop or even techno. Singing and dancing are also essential activities for seniors that are good for boosting morale and confidence and improving relationships among individuals. If they can get better in these, they can always gain a renewed sense of fulfilment and continue to progress, thereby sharpening their mental and physical skills.

Occupational Therapy

Even though seniors are well into their retirement age, it is still important that they stay capable of performing various tasks and functions that will maintain independence and enhance self-confidence. Allow them to perform activities of daily living or ADL like eating, brushing their teeth, bathing, getting dressed, etc. Also introduce them to certain minor tasks like cleaning their room, fixing their bed, creating works of art like pottery or sculpture, reading books and staying updated via the internet.

Occupational therapy is good also for older individuals to encourage them to stay independent for the rest of their days. You can accomplish this by forming a buddy system, so they always have someone to rely on, during cases of emergency and difficulty. Activities for seniors can be done both indoor and outdoors.



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