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CANADA Recalls numerous items week of 1/12/24 product labelling to choking hazards

1/12/24 The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled numerous items this week due to concerns about the products from labelling to choking hazards.


The CFIA issued recalls for two brands of energy drinks, continuing its crackdown on high caffeine content (opens in a new tab)that does not meet Canadian caffeine content regulations and a lack of English and French labelling.

The recalls include all flavours of Bucked Up and Noo Fuzion drinks(opens in a new tab), which according to the agency contain caffeine and do not have bilingual labelling.

To date, 47 brands of energy drinks have been recalled in Canada.

The CFIA says Canadians should not "consume, serve, use, sell or distribute" the products.

The product is being recalled because it contains milk that is not declared on the label.

Someone reported the pizza to the CFIA after having a reaction to eating it.

"Do not consume recalled products to which you are allergic or sensitive," the CFIA recall reads.

Consumers who bought the pizza should throw the product out or return it to the location where they bought it.

The CFIA launched an investigation into the product, which the agency said could lead to further recalls.

Health Canada issued the recall for the soft gel vitamins in the 1000 milligram size.

The agency says people should consult their health care provider before discontinuing the use of the pills.

Pumpkin seed oil is "considered as an ingredient for it's nutritional and medicinal values(opens in a new tab)" to prevent and improve bladder and prostate problems and contains additional "essential" fatty acids, a study in the National Library of Medicine reads.


A 40-watt USB charger from IKEA that could "shock" consumers(opens in a new tab) and pose a thermal burn or electric shock "hazard," is also on the list of recalls.

The CFIA website shows the IKEA ÅSKSTORM charger in dark grey sold under model number ICPSW5-40-1 has been recalled.

"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product and return it to IKEA for a refund. Proof of purchase is not required," the notice reads.

The cable of the charger could "wear and tear" and could burn people. There have been 10,258 chargers sold in Canada.

Health Canada says no injuries have been reported, but IKEA has received 17 reports from other parts of the world.

The products were sold between April 2020 and December 2023.

A product from Giant Tiger is being recalled by the CFIA.

Blinds from Versailles Home Fashion could pose a choking or strangulation hazard(opens in a new tab), as young children "may pull looped cords around their neck, or become entangled in the cords."

The products can also release smaller parts, which could also be a hazard to young children.

The cordless honeycomb blinds and the cordless mini blinds in multiple sizes are impacted.

The products were sold through the Giant Tiger website between February to December 2023.


Models Ecosport from 2018-2022 and Focus from 2016-2018 are impacted.

On some of the vehicles, the engine oil pump tensioner and/or the oil driver belt could fail. If this occurs it could cause a loss of engine oil pressure, resulting in a power failure to the wheels and to braking assist.

Transport Canada says this could increase the risk of a crash.

"A loss of power brakes can cause an increase in brake pedal force and lead to an increase in stopping distance," the recall reads.

Ford is notifying owners through the mail if they are impacted.

"As a result, the side curtain airbag(s) could inflate without a crash," the Transport Canada recall says.

There are 415 vehicles impacted in Canada. The 2024 KIA Seltos and the 2023 Soul and Soul EVs are being recalled. 



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