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FDA Approves First State Program to Import Rx Drugs From Canada

1/24/24 FDA approved Florida’s program to import certain prescription meds from Canada. But before Florida can import the medications, the state will need to submit additional information about the drugs to the FDA, test them to make sure they are up to the agency’s standards, and replace the drugs’ labels with FDA-approved ones.

Florida will also need to submit quarterly reports to the FDA about cost savings from the program and advise the agency about adverse events, among other responsibilities. Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has estimated that the program would save the state up to $180 million during its first year, according to a press release.

The FDA’s approval will last for 2 years after the state announces the first shipment of drugs. And like Florida, the other states and Indian tribes working to create similar proposals must demonstrate that their programs will reduce drug costs for consumers without risking their health and safety, FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, MD, said in the release.

Article Information

Published Online: January 24, 2024. doi:10.1001/jama.2023.27966

Emily Harris

JAMA. 2024;331(6):466. doi:10.1001/jama.2023.27966



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