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2024 Predicted Biggest Fitness Trends For Men

Following are six areas predicted to be the biggest fitness trends in the new year.

WALKING: helps reduce stress, improve mental health, reduce high cholesterol, risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure. No special gear or advanced skills needed.  Integrated into daily routine.

MINDSET: Fitness for daily living, living longer with better quality of life, healthy life goals

Primary heart-friends activity: 


OUTDOOR ROUTINES: Walking and hiking with a weighted pack; rucking


PILATES AND YOGA:  flexibility and strength, flexibility, balance, and building core strength. Not just for women this year.


VIRTUAL REALITY (VR): use of computer modeling and simulation in a computer-generated environment interacting with an artificial three-dimensional (3-D) visual or other sensory environment.

BRAIN EXERCISE: Brain training, stress-reduction exercises, sleep tracking


TOOLS: Awareness and use of home recovery tools, compression items, massage devices (ice, heat, etc)


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