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Adding Something NEW to Your Way of Living

Here are five new concepts to add to your daily health routine.  Consider trying one or more.

Meet PlayCareHealth, a “heart-centered” movement, striving to make health a habit, not an event with five one-of-a-kind product lines.

It is all about COHERENCE – an optimal state in which the heart, brain, gut, and emotions are operating in sync and harmoniously. Research has shown COHERENCE improves immune, hormonal, cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous system functions. COHERENCE increases your ability to self-manage and takes charge of your own healing.

Visualize a crew team all rowing together – that is COHERENCE.

Boat Rowing Crew

FIRST, begin with HEARTMATH, a worldwide-industry exclusive called the Inner Balance™Coherence Coach® to assist you in self-regulating coherence. Simple, easy, and only takes a few minutes a day.

You download the free app to observe your heart rhythm (HRV) which reflects your level of inner balance and your emotional state using scientifically validated HeartMath techniques to guide you to a state of higher Coherence. Real-time Coherence feedback confirms when you have made the shift and trains you to sustain it. HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. (dba HeartMath Inc.)

HeartMath has research published in multiple arenas, such as: American College of Cardiology; The American Journal of Cardiology; Global Advances in Health and Medicine; Military Medicine; Alternative Therapies; Harvard Business Review in Breakthrough Leadership; and Stress in Health and Disease …to name a few.

HeartMath has over 400 clinical studies. See samples below:

Studies with over 11,500 people have shown exciting improvements in focus, sleep, and nervousness in a short amount of time.

Some of HeartMath’s clients include:

Quotes from the press:

Recap: There are two basic states: Incoherence and Coherence. Using your Inner Balance Coherence Coach, you’ll soon be able to master it. The person on the left is worried, Foggy, Apprehensive, Reactive, Sleepless, and Troubled vs the person you could and can be is Peaceful, Clear, Relaxed, Intuitive, Energized, and even Superhuman.

Being your best self is being coherent, aligning the brain to the gut, and anchored and founded by the heart. However, you cannot create and sustain your dreams by stepping over your health to get there. It is actually a three-step process in conjunction with HeartMath, i.e. use your Brain, Follow your Heart and Trust your Gut.

Neuro “Think”

is the first product supporting your Brain – If the brain thinks, plans, and administrates then give it only the best raw materials. Nootropics, Frankincense, & Astaxanthin, and all naturally flavored and sweetened.

BENEFITS:  Helps with mental clarity, concentration, memory, focus, the brain fog.  Astaxanthin Extract (as AstaReal) is all-natural, made in North America, FDA and GRAS approved.  A search of NIH (National Institutes of Health) has 7317 medical publications on the benefits of Astaxanthin.


Cardio “Feel”

is the second product that supports your heart  – This delicious tropical-fruit drink was inspired by the science of over 150,000 peer-reviewed studies anchored with a Nobel prize for NO or Nitric Oxide. Your heart deserves only the best. Enjoy it daily.

BENEFITS: Stress reducer. Relieves low energy (tired of being tired). L-Arginine which replenishes Nitric Oxide (NO) levels won The Nobel Prize in medicine. It improves the circulatory system, regulates blood pressure, increases blood flow maintains healthy circulation, and prevents clots. It increases oxygenation, supports the cardiovascular system, promotes muscle health, sexual health, and drive, better insulin response, and improves oral health. It helps to dilate veins and arteries providing blood flow to organs and tissues in the body. By keeping red blood cells from sticking together, clots and blockages can be prevented.


Gut “Guide”

is the third product that supports your health.  We all know that roughly 70-80% of the immune system is in the gut, where most challenges begin. Many have digestive issues such as:  bloating, sleeplessness, hormone issues, and skin irritations.  The proprietary blend contains 20 billion colony-forming units.  PLAY believes that it is critical to replenish “gut goodness” daily and consistently.  

Prebiotics is nutrient used to get probiotics started acting as a medium.  Probiotics:  beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines doing all the work.  Postbiotics:  functional fermentation compounds.  All three are needed to help the full cycle of digestion.

BENEFITS:  Contains “PRE“, “PRO“, and “POST” biotics, balances your gut biome, and supports gut health.



is a Bonus product for the immune system with eye-opening science and naturally derived ingredients for Immune Support. Proprietary blend of organic virgin Coconut Oil, essential oil of Oregano, and more… all protected in a veggie soft gel.

BENEFITS:  A natural defense, balanced immune response supporting immune health.



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