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Being left-handed may increase heart disease risk

2024 Around one in 10 people are left-handed. Research suggests that those predominantly using their left hand may have shorter lifespans compared to right-handed individuals. They are also more likely to have heart health issues and related diseases like diabetes and cancer.

In a recent study published in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine researchers in the US investigated if left-handed people had lower vascular function and heart rate variability.

They found that compared to right-handers, left-handed individuals exhibit lower vascular endothelial function. The endothelium is cell layer lining blood- and lymph vessels, regulating blood pressure, immune responses, and clotting, among other things. The researchers also found an inverse relationship between how arteries dilate when blood flow increases and mean arterial pressure. This emphasizes the fact that being left-handed may represent an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and warrant earlier evaluation of traditional risk factors.

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