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Sports for Seniors

Even during their late years, seniors can still enjoy a wide array of activities that will strengthen bones and boost their immune system. There are sports for seniors, which can also be played together with younger individuals. These are all meant for leisure, relaxation and physical activity. Find out the common sports that your grandparents can still enjoy.


Basketball is a great sport that helps seniors work out their entire bodies, particularly parts such as the triceps, deltoids and legs. The sport is also good for improving joint condition, specifically in the knee area. There are basketball games held for individuals confined in wheelchairs. Seniors can benefit from the various drills and game techniques to boost endurance and overall condition.

Basketball is ideal for seniors since they get to play with others and associate with those who are in the same age bracket. Teamwork is a good way for them to socialize and compare their current skill levels. The idea of sports is to enhance camaraderie, at the same time, enhancing relationships and communication.


For seniors who are not that active anymore, or just want a change in environment, they will surely enjoy the game of golf. You can start with the driving range where you get to practice your swing. The exercise can enhance your strength, flexibility and focus. There are also putting greens where you can practice control and concentration.

The game of golf is very mental, so it is a perfect opportunity for seniors to enhance their minds and think of strategies to reach the holes. It is also a good and relaxing game to enjoy with a buddy or partner. Walking is an excellent form of exercise for older individuals to keep their heart healthy. You can choose to either drive to the next location via golf cab or just walk the beautiful greens. Golf is a great stress reliever, so take time to enjoy an entire weekend with full amenities and world class services.


Swimming for seniors is good since it offers increased endurance, strength and agility. Some of the known benefits of the sport for older individuals include well-conditioned and toned muscles, better blood circulation, regular heart rhythm and stronger lungs. Swimming works out all body parts especially the arms, legs and back. Women who are particularly prone to osteoporosis can benefit from the sport.

Seniors can go swimming 2 to 3 times per week, with each session lasting 20 to 40 minutes. If you’re swimming for the first time, you may want to take some time just adjusting to the watery environment. Start doing a couple of laps when you’re ready. Also ask for assistance from the life guard or instructor during the primary sessions.


Marathons are held particularly for senior individuals. These may be either walking, running or both. In some cases, triathlons are also held which includes running, bicycling and swimming. You will find that there are several people age 65 years and older who are still in top shape and condition. Sports great enhance a person’s performance and can increase lifespan. Look out for marathon schedules in your local area and in local newspapers and start training 3 to 4 times a week for the event. Walkathons may be better if you’ve never actually joined a marathon.



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